GRealm Wiki

GRealm adds many accessories to make your player stronger


File:Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb Bloodshed Talisman.png Bloodshed Talisman File:Bug Satchel.png Bug Satchel
File:Corpsethorn Shell.png Corpsethorn Shell Crystal Orb.png Crystal Orb Cursed Orb.png Cursed Orb
File:Deep Focus Orb.png Deep Focus Orb File:Energy Aura Bracelet.png Energy Aura Bracelet File:Flare Gem.png Flare Gem
Floaty.png Floaty File:Frostbite Shield.png Frostbite Shield Frozen Orb.png Frozen Orb
File:Glowing Shroom Shell.png Glowing Shroom Shell File:Grovite Shell.png Grovite Shell File:Grovite Wings.png Grovite Wings
File:Hallowed Shell.png Hallowed Shell File:Hival Instinct Backpack.png Hival Instinct Backpack Honey Hive Backpack.png Honey Hive Backpack
Ichor Orb.png Ichor Orb Idol of Affliction.png Idol of Affliction Idol of Folivine.png Idol of Folivine
File:Instinct Charm.png Instinct Charm File:Life Pendant.png Life Pendant File:Mantimyte Buckler.png Mantimyte Buckler
File:Mantimyte Wings.png Mantimyte Wings File:Omniboots.png Omniboots Orb of Affliction.png Orb of Affliction
File:Pegasus Circlet.png Pegasus Circlet File:Pendant of Pain.png Pendant of Pain File:Plated Shell.png Plated Shell
File:Pygmy Sack.png Pygmy Sack Ravager Seed.png Ravager Seed File:Shroom Shell.png Shroom Shell
File:Spirit Shell.png Spirit Shell File:Tribal Shell.png Tribal Shell File:Volcanic Shard.png Volcanic Shard