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Pre-Hardmode Bosses[]

Rift Daemon[]

File:Rift Daemon.png

The Rift Daemon is a demon with ? health (2000 in expert mode). It can be fought by using a at any time.


Folivine Trophy.png
Jungle Bait.png

Folivine is a flower fought in between the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu and Queen Bee, with 5200 HP (16000 in expert mode). It is summoned anywhere underground with the Jungle Bait. It attacks by crawling towards you and firing spores, shooting shurikens and summoning in Seedlings to attack the player. It drops jungle-themed weapons and materials.

Post-Moon Lord Bosses[]

Mantid Matriarch[]

Mantid Matriarch.png
Mantid Matriarch Trophy.png

The Mantid Matriarch is a mantis, with 180000 HP (313000 in expert mode). She is summoned anywhere in the jungle with the Crown of Mantodea. She attacks by crawling towards you and firing green scythes. She drops Mantid Lifeblood, which combined with Mantimyte Bars, can be used to craft mantis-themed gear.

Boss Progression[]