GRealm Wiki

GRealm adds many materials to craft the items in the mod


File:Affluent Ingot.png Affluent Ingot Grovite Bar.png Grovite Bar File:Mantimyte Bar.png Mantimyte Bar


File:Acid Sac.png Acid Sac Advanced Circuitry.png Advanced Circuitry File:Ancient Bone Fragments.png Ancient Bone Fragments
Barbaric Splinter.png Barbaric Splinter Beekeeper Cloth.png Beekeeper Cloth Blood Fang.png Blood Fang
Corpsethorn.png Corpsethorn Cosmic Flesh.png Cosmic Flesh File:Crimson Shards.png Crimson Shards
Crystalline Battery.png Crystalline Battery File:Cursed Shards.png Cursed Shards Elastic Fibers.png Elastic Fibers
Empty Canister.png Empty Canister File:Enchanted Shards.png Enchanted Shards Fitness Cloth.png Fitness Cloth
File:Fragment of Blood.png Fragment of Blood File:Fragment of Darkness.png Fragment of Darkness File:Fragment of Dust.png Fragment of Dust
File:Fragment of Light.png Fragment of Light Ghostly Residue.png Ghostly Residue File:Glistenback Beetle.png Glistenback Beetle
Golden Thorn.png Golden Thorn File:Living Branch.png Living Branch File:Mantid Carapace.png Mantid Carapace
Mantid Lifeblood.png Mantid Lifeblood Pollen Bud.png Pollen Bud Reinforced Bone.png Reinforced Bone
File:Shroomite Shard.png Shroomite Shard Staff Shaft.png Staff Shaft Thick Bone.png Thick Bone
File:Trencher Carapace.png Trencher Carapace Undeadipede Armor Shard.png Undeadipede Armor Shard Undying Flesh.png Undying Flesh
Welding Arm.png Welding Arm