GRealm Wiki

GRealm adds many new enemies to Terraria to make your world more lively

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[]

File:Abyssium Golem.png Abyssium Golem (with Ancients Awakened) Ancient Dragon Skull.png Ancient Dragon Skull
Blood Leech.png Blood Leech Chloroghast.png Chloroghast Copper Golem.png Copper Golem
Dusty Grit.png Dusty Grit Earthwrought Golem.png Earthwrought Golem File:Ent Wraith.png Ent Wraith
Fiendish Grit.png Fiendish Grit Furrower.png Furrower Gold Golem.png Gold Golem
HyporB.png HyporB File:Incinerite Golem.png Incinerite Golem (with Ancients Awakened) File:Inferno Trencher.png Inferno Trencher (with Ancients Awakened)
Iron Golem.png Iron Golem Lead Golem.png Lead Golem Mantid.png Mantid
Mire Leech.png Mire Leech (with Ancients Awakened) Molten Grit.png Molten Grit Murky Grit.png Murky Grit
Myconoid.png Myconoid Platinum Golem.png Platinum Golem Pussling.png Pussling
Silver Golem.png Silver Golem Sprout Specter.png Sprout Specter Stone Golem.png Stone Golem
Tin Golem.png Tin Golem File:Tree Spirit.png Tree Spirit File:Trencher.png Trencher
Tungsten Golem.png Tungsten Golem Vicious Matango.png Vicious Matango Vile Matango.png Vile Matango

Hardmode Enemies[]

Horde Enemies[]

Backbone Undead.png Backbone Undead Beekeeper.png Beekeeper Bone Knight.png Bone Knight
Bone Warrior.png Bone Warrior Bowman Zombie.png Bowman Zombie Cold Caster.png Cold Caster
Corrupt Caster.png Corrupt Caster Crawler.png Crawler Crim Caster.png Crim Caster
Crude Caster.png Crude Caster Crystal Mage.png Crystal Mage Cursed Mage.png Cursed Mage
Eyemaster.png Eyemaster Eyerider.png Eyerider Fitness Zombie.png Fitness Zombie
Floaty Zombie.png Floaty Zombie Frozen Mage.png Frozen Mage Gardener.png Gardener
Grenader Zombie.png Grenader Zombie Gundead.png Gundead Hollow Husk.png Hollow Husk
Ichor Mage.png Ichor Mage Maggot Zombie.png Maggot Zombie Rusty Undead.png Rusty Undead
Sandswept Zombie.png Sandswept Zombie Scuba Zombie.png Scuba Zombie Shattered Undead.png Shattered Undead
Torch Zombie.png Torch Zombie Undead.png Undead Undead Nebulite.png Undead Nebulite
Undead Solarite.png Undead Solarite Undead Stardite.png Undead Stardite Undead Vortite.png Undead Vortite
Wasp Whisperer.png Wasp Whisperer Zombinator.png Zombinator


Barbarian.png Barbarian Bumblebirb Rider.png Bumblebirb Rider Undeadipede.png Undeadipede


File:Rift Daemon.png Rift Daemon Folivine.png Folivine Mantid Matriarch.png Mantid Matriarch


Baby Mantid.png Baby Mantid Baby Mantid Warrior.png Baby Mantid Warrior Corpse Elemental.png Corpse Elemental
File:Corpsevine.png Corpsevine Healer Mantid.png Healer Mantid File:Vinelet.png Vinelet
Zombee.png Zombee