GRealm Wiki

GRealm adds many items to Terraria


File:Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb Bloodshed Talisman.png Bloodshed Talisman File:Bug Satchel.png Bug Satchel
File:Corpsethorn Shell.png Corpsethorn Shell Crystal Orb.png Crystal Orb Cursed Orb.png Cursed Orb
File:Deep Focus Orb.png Deep Focus Orb File:Energy Aura Bracelet.png Energy Aura Bracelet File:Flare Gem.png Flare Gem
Floaty.png Floaty File:Frostbite Shield.png Frostbite Shield Frozen Orb.png Frozen Orb
File:Glowing Shroom Shell.png Glowing Shroom Shell File:Grovite Shell.png Grovite Shell File:Grovite Wings.png Grovite Wings
File:Hallowed Shell.png Hallowed Shell File:Hival Instinct Backpack.png Hival Instinct Backpack Honey Hive Backpack.png Honey Hive Backpack
Ichor Orb.png Ichor Orb Idol of Affliction.png Idol of Affliction Idol of Folivine.png Idol of Folivine
File:Instinct Charm.png Instinct Charm File:Life Pendant.png Life Pendant File:Mantimyte Buckler.png Mantimyte Buckler
File:Mantimyte Wings.png Mantimyte Wings File:Omniboots.png Omniboots Orb of Affliction.png Orb of Affliction
File:Pegasus Circlet.png Pegasus Circlet File:Pendant of Pain.png Pendant of Pain File:Plated Shell.png Plated Shell
File:Pygmy Sack.png Pygmy Sack Ravager Seed.png Ravager Seed File:Shroom Shell.png Shroom Shell
File:Spirit Shell.png Spirit Shell File:Tribal Shell.png Tribal Shell File:Volcanic Shard.png Volcanic Shard

Armor Pieces[]

File:Affulgent Fullplate.png Affulgent Fullplate File:Affulgent Helmet.png Affulgent Helmet File:Affulgent Legguards.png Affulgent Legguards
File:Archer Chainmail.png Archer Chainmail File:Archer Helm.png Archer Helm Barbaric Chestplate.png Barbaric Chestplate
Barbaric Scout Helmet.png Barbaric Scout Helmet Barbaric Tassets.png Barbaric Tassets Barbaric Warlord Helmet.png Barbaric Warlord Helmet
Cybee Chestplate.png Cybee Chestplate Cybee Helmet.png Cybee Helmet Cybee Leggings.png Cybee Leggings
File:Grovite Cofferplate.png Grovite Cofferplate File:Grovite Cowl.png Grovite Cowl File:Grovite Legguards.png Grovite Legguards
File:Mantid Chestplate.png Mantid Chestplate File:Mantid Healer Helmet.png Mantid Healer Helmet File:Mantid Leggings.png Mantid Leggings
File:Mantid Warrior Helmet.png Mantid Warrior Helmet Pelvic Chestplate.png Pelvic Chestplate Pelvic Helmet.png Pelvic Helmet
Pelvic Leggings.png Pelvic Leggings Ribmail Chestplate.png Ribmail Chestplate Ribmail Helmet.png Ribmail Helmet
Ribmail Leggings.png Ribmail Leggings File:Undeadipede Chestplate.png Undeadipede Chestplate File:Undeadipede Helmet.png Undeadipede Helmet
File:Undeadipede Leggings.png Undeadipede Leggings

Crafting Materials[]


Beekeeper Hat.png Beekeeper Hat File:Gastrohat.png Gastrohat Folivine Mask.png Folivine Mask
File:Hallowed Headress.png Hallowed Headress Mantid Matriarch Mask.png Mantid Matriarch Mask File:Mask of the Dead.png Mask of the Dead


File:Diamond Drill.png Diamond Drill File:Grovite Drax.png Grovite Drax File:Grovite Maul.png Grovite Maul
File:Grovite Pichet.png Grovite Pichet Rocketmaul.png Rocketmaul


Cyber Rattle.png Cyber Rattle