GRealm Wiki
File:Acid Sac.png Acid Sac
File:Acid Sickle.png Acid Sickle
File:Acid Spray.png Acid Spray
File:Acorn Popgun.png Acorn Popgun
Advanced Circuitry.png Advanced Circuitry
File:Affluent Fullplate.png Affluent Fullplate
File:Affluent Helmet.png Affluent Helmet
File:Affluent Ingot.png Affluent Ingot
File:Affluent Legguards.png Affluent Legguards
File:Alpha Blade.png Alpha Blade
File:Ancient Bone Fragments.png Ancient Bone Fragments
File:Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb
Arcane Welding Station.png Arcane Welding Station
File:Archer Chainmail.png Archer Chainmail
File:Archer Helm.png Archer Helm
File:Axe Staff.png Axe Staff
Barbarian Banner.png Barbarian Banner
Barbaric Chestplate.png Barbaric Chestplate
Barbaric Javelin.png Barbaric Javelin
Barbaric Scout Helmet.png Barbaric Scout Helmet
Barbaric Splinter.png Barbaric Splinter
Barbaric Tassets.png Barbaric Tassets
Barbaric Warlord Helmet.png Barbaric Warlord Helmet
Beekeeper Banner.png Beekeeper Banner
Beekeeper Cloth.png Beekeeper Cloth
Beekeeper Hat.png Beekeeper Hat
Beekeeper Pants.png Beekeeper Pants
Beekeeper Suit.png Beekeeper Suit
File:Beta Blade.png Beta Blade
Blade Staff.png Blade Staff
Blood Fang.png Blood Fang
Bloodbath Potion.png Bloodbath Potion
Bloodshed Talisman.png Bloodshed Talisman
Bone Bullet.png Bone Bullet
Bone Knight Banner.png Bone Knight Banner
Bone Musket.png Bone Musket
Bone Warrior Banner.png Bone Warrior Banner
File:Burning Rain.png Burning Rain
File:Cent Pistol.png Cent Pistol
File:Charrbone Blade.png Charrbone Blade
File:Chain Launcher.png Chain Launcher
File:Claymore of the Sun.png Claymore of the Sun
Cold Caster Banner.png Cold Caster Banner
File:Coral Sickle.png Coral Sickle
File:Corpse Elemental Banner.png Corpse Elemental Banner
Corpsethorn.png Corpsethorn
Corpsethorn Bullet.png Corpsethorn Bullet
File:Corpsethorn Shell.png Corpsethorn Shell
Corrupt Caster Banner.png Corrupt Caster Banner
Cosmic Container.png Cosmic Container
Cosmic Flesh.png Cosmic Flesh
Cosmodead Javelin.png Cosmodead Javelin
Cosmodead Shot.png Cosmodead Shot
Crawler Banner.png Crawler Banner
Creeping Bloom.png Creeping Bloom
Crim Caster Banner.png Crim Caster Banner
File:Crimcarte.png Crimcarte
File:Crimson Shards.png Crimson Shards
File:Crown of Mantodea.png Crown of Mantodea
Crude Caster Banner.png Crude Caster Banner
Crystal Mage Banner.png Crystal Mage Banner
Crystal Orb.png Crystal Orb
Crystalline Battery.png Crystalline Battery
File:Crystalline Staff.png Crystalline Staff
File:Currency Exchange.png Currency Exchange
Cursed Mage Banner.png Cursed Mage Banner
Cursed Orb.png Cursed Orb
File:Cursed Phasesaber.png Cursed Phasesaber
File:Cursed Shards.png Cursed Shards
File:Cursickle Staff.png Cursickle Staff
Cybee Chestplate.png Cybee Chestplate
Cybee Helmet.png Cybee Helmet
Cybee Leggings.png Cybee Leggings
Cyber Rattle.png Cyber Rattle
Deanimator Setup Kit.png Deanimator Setup Kit
File:Decryptor.png Decryptor
File:Deep Focus Orb.png Deep Focus Orb
File:Diamond Drill.png Diamond Drill