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This is a more full-featured variation of {{item link}} that allows multiple link/text lines wrapped to the right of an item image. Custom link text can be entered, which can include line breaks, allowing you to specify where text should always be broken. Links broken to multiple lines automatically due to browser or table/box width will also wrap to the right of the image when this template is used, rather than breaking to a brand-new line below the image (as {{item link}} does). Unlinked "notes" can also be included as further wrapped lines next to the image.

This template is primarily for use within the {{biome}} template, where table width is often at a premium. Splitting item titles to multiple lines (or simply allowing long titles to automatically break and wrap) can help control table width and keep content neatly formatted, especially on smaller screens. It may also be of similar use in other table or boxed listings.

{{item link}} should continue to be used in many simpler listing situations, as {{il2l}} can add needless complexity to the wiki code of an article, and/or add unnecessary HTML bloat (each {{il2l}} produces its own small inner HTML table).


Use the shortcut {{il2l}} for convenience.

| item name, also used as default image
| optional: custom link text, which can include line breaks (<br />)
| optional: image = custom image as "name.png", no brackets or "File:"
| optional: size = ##px : custom graphic size
| optional: bare = yes : un-link the display text
| optional: note = note text : smaller non-linked text, for a small note on a new line
| optional: note2 = note text : same as the note parameter, but does not break to a new line
| optional: smallnote = no : note is displayed without a reduced font
| optional: smallnote2 = no : note2 is displayed without a reduced font
| optional: big = yes : for larger situations, ie. outside {{tl|biome}} boxes, this increases line height for a more normal look
| optional: style = : add custom CSS for the first cell (the cell containing the image)
| optional: style2 = : add custom CSS for the second cell (the cell containing the link/text lines)


{{il2l|Possessed Hatchet|Possessed <br /> Hatchet|note=(rare)|size = 35px}}

Possessed Hatchet.png Possessed


{{il2l|image = TerrariaCE.jpg|size = 30px|Collector's Edition|note = (New Player's Inventory)|smallnote = no}}

TerrariaCE.jpg Collector's Edition
(New Player's Inventory)