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The Horde is an Event summoned through use of the Horde Staff at Night. It is defeated once a certain number of enemies are killed and will end inconclusively if it becomes Day, not counting as a defeat. During the event, an army of zombies and other undead creatures invade the world. This takes place all across the Surface of the world, with uniquely themed enemies appearing in certain Biomes.

The event initially consists of a basic zombie invasion, not dissimilar to a Blood Moon albeit with different zombie variants. However, as the player progresses through the game, the event becomes lengthier and more difficult with an array of increasingly more powerful monsters unlocked at key points of progression. With this added difficulty comes new and improved loot ranging from unique armor, weapons and accessories to crafting materials which unlock new tiers in progression.

In addition, spawn rates for all regular nighttime enemies is greatly increased throughout the event.


The Horde
Characters Unique Drops


Skeleton.png Skeleton
Torch Zombie.png Torch Zombie
Maggot Zombie.png Maggot Zombie
Fitness Zombie.png Fitness Zombie
Floaty Zombie.png Floaty Zombie
Undead Viking.png Undead Viking
(In Snow)
Sandswept Zombie.png Sandswept Zombie
(In Desert)

After defeating the Eye of Cthulhu:

Eyerider.png Eyerider
Bowman Zombie.png Bowman Zombie
Grenader Zombie.png Grenader Zombie

After defeating the Eater of Worlds
or Brain of Cthulhu:

Crude Caster.png Crude Caster
Cold Caster.png Cold Caster
(In Snow)
Corrupt Caster.png Corrupt Caster
(In Corruption)
Crim Caster.png Crim Caster
(In Crimson)

During PreHardmode only after defeating Skeletron:

Bone Warrior.png Bone Warrior

After defeating Queen Bee:

Beekeeper.png Beekeeper

During Hardmode:

Undead.png Undead
Armored Skeleton.png Armored Skeleton
Skeleton Archer.png Skeleton Archer
Crawler.png Crawler
Armored Viking.png Armored Viking
(In Snow)
Hollow Husk.png Hollow Husk
(In Desert)

During Hardmode after defeating
the Eye of Cthulhu:

Eyemaster.png Eyemaster
Gundead.png Gundead

During Hardmode after defeating the
Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu:

Frozen Mage.png Frozen Mage
(In Snow)
Cursed Mage.png Cursed Mage
(In Corruption)
Ichor Mage.png Ichor Mage
(In Crimson)
Crystal Mage.png Crystal Mage
(In Hallow)

During Hardmode after defeating Skeletron:

Bone Knight.png Bone Knight

During Hardmode after defeating Queen Bee:

Wasp Whisperer.png Wasp Whisperer

After defeating any Mechanical Boss:

Zombinator.png Zombinator

After defeating Plantera:

Gardener.png Gardener

After defeating Golem:

Barbarian.png Barbarian
(Mini Boss)

After defeating Duke Fishron:

Undeadipede.png Undeadipede
(Mini Boss)
Corpse Elemental.png Corpse Elemental
(From Undeadipede)

After defeating The Dragonfolly:

Bumblebirb Rider.png note-(Mini Boss, Calamity only.)


Torch Zombie Banner.png Torch Zombie
Maggot Zombie Banner.png Maggot Zombie
Fitness Zombie Banner.png Fitness Zombie
Floaty Zombie Banner.png Floaty Zombie
Sandswept Zombie Banner.png Sandswept Zombie
Eyerider Banner.png Eyerider
Bowman Zombie Banner.png Bowman Zombie
Grenader Zombie Banner.png Grenader Zombie
Crude Caster Banner.png Crude Caster
Cold Caster Banner.png Cold Caster
Corrupt Caster Banner.png Corrupt Caster
Crim Caster Banner.png Crim Caster
Bone Warrior Banner.png Bone Warrior
Beekeeper Banner.png Beekeeper

Hardmode Banners:

Undead Banner.png Undead
Crawler Banner.png Crawler
Hollow Husk Banner.png Hollow Husk
Eyemaster Banner.png Eyemaster
Gundead Banner.png Gundead
Frozen Mage Banner.png Frozen Mage
Cursed Mage Banner.png Cursed Mage
Ichor Mage Banner.png Ichor Mage
Crystal Mage Banner.png Crystal Mage
Bone Knight Banner.png Bone Knight
Wasp Whisperer Banner.png Wasp Whisperer
Zombinator Banner.png Zombinator
Gardener Banner.png Gardener
Barbarian Banner.png Barbarian
Undeadipede Banner.png Undeadipede
Undeadipede Banner.png Corpse Elemental
Undead Solarite Banner.png Undead Solarite
Undead Vortite Banner.png Undead Vortite
Undead Nebulite Banner.png Undead Nebulite
Undead Stardite Banner.png Undead Stardite

From Torch Zombies:

Torch.png Torch

From Maggot Zombies:

Worm.png Worm

From Fitness Zombies:

Fitness Cloth.png Fitness Cloth
Aglet.png Aglet
Anklet of the Wind.png Anklet of the Wind

From Floaty Zombies:

Floaty.png Floaty

From Sandswept Zombies
and Hollow Husks:

Sturdy Fossil.png Sturdy Fossil
Amber.png Amber
Amber Mosquito.png Amber Mosquito

From Eyeriders and Eyemasters:

Lens.png Lens
Black Lens.png Black Lens

From Bowman Zombies:

Zombow.png Zombow

From Grenader Zombies:

Grenade.png Grenade

From Crude, Cold, Corrupt and Crim Casters:

Magic Mirror.png Magic Mirror
Band of Starpower.png Band of Starpower
Heart Wand.png Heart Wand

From Bone Warriors:

Thick Bone.png Thick Bone
Shackle Flail.png Shackle Flail
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword

From Beekeepers and Wasp Whisperers:

Beenade.png Beenade

From Beekeepers:

Beekeeper Cloth.png Beekeeper Cloth

From Crawlers:

Shoe Spikes.png Shoe Spikes
Climbing Claws.png Climbing Claws

From Gundead:

Bone Musket.png Bone Musket
Bone Bullet.png Bone Bullet

From Frozen, Cursed, Ichor and Crystal Mages:

Staff Shaft.png Staff Shaft
Minidead Staff.png Minidead Staff

From Frozen Mages:

Frozen Orb.png Frozen Orb

From Cursed Mages:

Cursed Flame.png Cursed Flame
Cursed Orb.png Cursed Orb

From Ichor Mages:

Ichor.png Ichor
Ichor Orb.png Ichor Orb

From Crystal Mages:

Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard
Crystal Orb.png Crystal Orb

From Bone Knights:

Reinforced Bone.png Reinforced Bone
Ossein Saber.png Ossein Saber

From Wasp Whisperers:

Honey Hive Backpack.png Honey Hive Backpack

From Zombinators:

Advanced Circuitry.png Advanced Circuitry
Welding Arm.png Welding Arm

From Gardeners:

Vine.png Vine
Jungle Spores.png Jungle Spores
Ravager Seed.png Ravager Seed
Corpsethorn.png Corpsethorn

From the Barbarian:

Barbaric Splinter.png Barbaric Splinter
Femoral Hemorrhager.png Femoral Hemorrhager
Barbaric Javelin.png Barbaric Javelin

From the Undeadipede:

Deanimator Setup Kit.png Deanimator Setup Kit

From the Celestial Undead:

Fallen Star.png Fallen Star
Cosmic Flesh.png Cosmic Flesh