GRealm Wiki

The GRealm adds many weapons to Terraria. Many add to the game while others are unique.

Melee weapons[]


File:Alpha Blade.png Alpha Blade File:Beta Blade.png Beta Blade File:Charrbone Blade.png Charrbone Blade
File:Claymore of the Sun.png Claymore of the Sun File:Crimcarte.png Crimcarte File:Cursed Phasesaber.png Cursed Phasesaber
File:Eboncarte.png Eboncarte File:Fungal Falchion.png Fungal Falchion Femoral Hemorrhager.png Femoral Hemorrhager
File:Gamma Blade.png Gamma Blade File:Ghostly Cutlass.png Ghostly Cutlass File:Gravekeeper's Kopesh.png Gravekeeper's Kopesh
File:Grovite Vorpal Blade.png Grovite Vorpal Blade File:Heirocutter.png Heirocutter File:Kopesh of the Pharaoh.png Kopesh of the Pharaoh
File:Mantimyte Claymore.png Mantimyte Claymore File:Maxmordre.png Maxmordre File:Omni Blade.png Omni Blade
Ossein Saber.png Ossein Saber File:Rapier of Chance.png Rapier of Chance Rocketmaul.png Rocketmaul
File:Spiritslasher.png Spiritslasher File:Thorn Reaper.png Thorn Reaper Undergrowth Chopper.png Undergrowth Chopper


Barbaric Javelin.png Barbaric Javelin Cosmodead Javelin.png Cosmodead Javelin Spear of Decay.png Spear of Decay
Tiki Pike.png Tiki Pike


File:Lambaste.png Lambaste File:Ribchain.png Ribchain Rotting Meteor.png Rotting Meteor
Shackle Flail.png Shackle Flail


File:Acid Sickle.png Acid Sickle File:Coral Sickle.png Coral Sickle File:Thorn Reaper.png Thorn Reaper

Ranged weapons[]


File:Mantid Wing Greatbow.png Mantid Wing Greatbow Undying Sunset.png Undying Sunset Zombow.png Zombow


File:Decryptor.png Decryptor


File:Acorn Popgun.png Acorn Popgun Bone Musket.png Bone Musket File:Cent Pistol.png Cent Pistol
File:Chain Launcher.png Chain Launcher File:Currency Exchange.png Currency Exchange File:Iceball Minigun.png Iceball Minigun
Javelin Chucker.png Javelin Chucker File:Logzooka.png Logzooka File:Mantimyte Minigun.png Mantimyte Minigun
Regreaser.png Regreaser File:Slotter Machine.png Slotter Machine Static Cannon.png Static Cannon
Thornwind.png Thornwind Voltarcer.png Voltarcer Woodchipper.png Woodchipper

Magic weapons[]


Creeping Bloom.png Creeping Bloom File:Crystalline Staff.png Crystalline Staff File:Cursickle Staff.png Cursickle Staff
Exanimate Celestia.png Exanimate Celestia File:Enamel Cannon.png Enamel Cannon File:Frostbite Staff.png Frostbite Staff
File:Gillstorm.png Gillstorm Heart Wand.png Heart Wand File:Ichoric Staff.png Ichoric Staff
File:Pirahnapour.png Pirahnapour File:Pixie Artillery.png Pixie Artillery Pollenburst Staff.png Pollenburst Staff
File:Sapphire Spine.png Sapphire Spine File:Spectral Claw.png Spectral Claw Staff of Life.png Staff of Life
File:Staff of the Jungle.png Staff of the Jungle File:Tropicuda.png Tropicuda


File:Acid Spray.png Acid Spray File:Burning Rain.png Burning Rain File:Tome of the Mantid.png Tome of the Mantid

Summoning weapons[]

File:Axe Staff.png Axe Staff Blade Staff.png Blade Staff File:Ent Guardian Staff.png Ent Guardian Staff
File:Hammer Staff.png Hammer Staff File:Mini Mantid Staff.png Mini Mantid Staff Minidead Staff.png Minidead Staff


File:Mantid Egg Grenade.png Mantid Egg Grenade